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About Us

We are a team of like-minded creative heads who love nature. All our creations are original and are dabbed with passion. We source only the best raw materials and insist on the optimum process for production. That’s because we want to bring a smile on your face each day as you connect with nature in your own environment with our products.

Titanium Pots & Planters

Thinking of connecting with nature in your home or even office? A well placed Titanium Pot or Planter can give a rustic feel to your environment. It will also contrast against many leafy plants to bring you close to nature.

Terra Cotta & Other Pots

Terra Cotta literally means fired-earth. There are many exquisite designs of this fine art of pottery to adorn your home. Have a look at our handcrafted clay pots and many other interesting creations.

Hand Painted Pots

What is the tone and the mood you want to create in your living space? Whilst our earthy colours can relax your mind anytime you may want to add some contrast and colour with some of our bold designs.

Cement Products & Artifacts

Pick from our range of extra-large Pots made of cement or clay that can beautify a Boutique Hotel or even your own garden. The Pot Story also offers some unique shapes of artistic value and we can also sculp your own design. All of these products must be pre-ordered.

Decorative Garden Products

You don’t need a professional landscape artist to make your garden or rooftop balcony look beautiful. A little bit of imagination and clever positioning of a few items can do just that. The Pot Story brings you a range of Pot Holders made of cane, wood and even wrought iron. Even wall art, garden pebbles and a lot more items await you.