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In your Home

Bring in some nature and colour in to your home with our range of creative Pots. We recommend our earthy designs that can calm your mind in your bedroom or study. There’s also our contemporary designs that can jazz up your living room for some positive energy.

Don’t forget to check out our artistic wall décor and ideas for partitions.

In your Apartment

Living in an apartment does not mean you have to be surrounded by walls and concrete. The Pot Story offers some unique shapes and designs that can blend in with your interior as you display your collection of indoor plants.

The wooden or cane pot covers are also great options for the indoors. You can also add a little drama by with our creative artifacts on a shelf or stand.

In your Courtyard

Courtyards are to unwind over a cup of tea on an afternoon or to read your favourite book on a lazy Sunday morning. A delicately placed Ornamental or Garden Pot can make it a wholesome experience for you.

Garden stones are a great way to jazz up your courtyards and The Pot Story offers a range of decorative garden pebbles for a pathway or to sprinkle around your favourite plants.

In your Balcony

Whether it is your bedroom balcony or even a rooftop balcony, you need some creativity to make it interesting. We have some original designer pots that can fit in to small spaces with some well-placed foliage. If yours is an expansive rooftop garden…how about dramatizing it with an outsized Pot in unusual colours?

Wrought iron pot holders are a great way to find some extra space to display a few plants in your balcony and we can even customise your own design.

In your Garden

Lawns, flower troughs and shady trees make up an interesting garden. Add some variety to your display with some originality from The Pot Story. You will be spoilt for choice with our collection of products that are all unique in design.

There’s also some interesting garden furniture on offer and don’t ever hesitate to discuss an idea you want developed. We are up for it!

In your Office

Getting stressed up during your work day? Research shows that having a small plant on your desk top can calm your mind at any given time. Have a look at our cactus plants in creative pots or you can even pot in a small indoor plant with your selection of the Pot. When you care for your desktop plant you will also be taking care of your being.