Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

The Pot Story believes in helping its customers as far as possible and has, therefore, a liberal cancellation policy. Under this policy:
Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 24 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation request will not be entertained if the orders have initiated the process of shipping them. 

No cancellations are entertained for those products that are on special or limited offers.

In case of receipt of damaged or defective durable items, please report the same to our Customer Service team immediately upon receipt or collection.In case of receipt or collection of damaged goods, TPS will replace or repair such item within 2 working days.

In the event payment has been made by the customer and the goods received are damaged, a replacement will be offered and if it does not meet with the criteria of the ordered goods an option to replace with a suitable product/s or refund of the product value is available.

For a refund of the product value, the purchased item must be returned without any further damage than specified initially and/or its use.
In the event of a purchase of a Plant item, no refund will be made after acceptance of goods at store or delivery.